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Avoni has been an FPT dealer since 1979 for the sale of engines and spare parts. Fiat Powertrain Technologies’ engines are created by the skill and passion of a team of professionals that constantly seek quality, reliability, performance and respect for the environment.

The majority of these engines are based on the integration of mechanical and/or electrohydraulic drive systems with innovative electronic control systems, in order to control the combustion process, post treatment of exhaust gases and the transmission of power to the wheels.

The main technologies currently being developed are: Common Rail in the Diesel area and its latest Multijet versions;
Post-treatment in Diesel engines, above all for particulate and Nox emissions;
Electronic control system for valves (Multiair) to control the air in controlled ignition and diesel engines;
Electronic injection systems for natural gas engines; Dual Dry Clutch Transmission

New research is concentrated above all on the development of efficient hybrid engines, in particular for urban transport, but also on future technologies, such as hydrogen Fuel Cell drive systems, with a view to identifying any relevant problems and examining their industrial feasibility.