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    Ragusa, 19 October 2023.

    It was a very important stage of our #AVONImeets, the one that was held in Ragusa, the southernmost provincial capital of Italy.

    On this occasion, the training held by our Application Manager Roberto Paolozzi, saw the participation of all our Sicilian customers and the Naval Motor Botti authorized Service Point, because this training day was organized by several hands.

    This day celebrate a very important collaboration with Naval Motor Botti because it is dictated by common interests: the a constant search for technical insights and the propensity to consolidate the notions related to FPT Industrial’s Stage V engines.

    One of the three ingredients that characterized this stage was HOSPITALITY.
    Being well received in a new place means that one’s work is appreciated and the time dedicated is valued and not taken for granted.

    The second ingredient is PEOPLE, the beating heart of our #AVONImeets. People are those who, with their commitment, dedication and listening, make this passage of information possible. Because it is not only the audience that gains new knowledge, but also the speakers, who enrich their awareness with a rich exchange of interests.

    Last but not least, is COLLABORATION, ours is a working team and when we are united the result can only be optimal.

    Thanks to NAVAL MOTOR BOTTI S.r.l. for being the perfect partners and to FPT Industrial for the valuable organizational support.
    A special thanks also to Sicilian people and their wonderful land for the precious welcome.