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    March 2021.

    The FPT Industrial’s CURSOR 13 375 kW engine is mounted on the shear balers for car demolition of our client Ecotecnica Europe for who we have developed an exclusive body computer, enabling the monitoring of the following perimeters:

    • number of engine rpm
    • water temperature
    • oil pressure
    • battery voltage
    • percentage of load applied to the engine
    • number of running hours

    Furthermore, it allows us to read and identify every alarm code and manage the various indicator lamps, among the most important:

    • low water in the radiator
    • fuel reserves
    • water present in the fuel
    • low oil pressure
    • high water temperature

    The body computer monitors and optimises the shear balers’ functionality, to enhance the process of true recycling and protection of the environment, producing nearly a total recovery of consumables.


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