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A training which starts from a far…

    September 2021.

    This new success story starts from afar, precisely from Burns Lake, not far from Prince George in Canada, almost on the border with Alaska.  

    What did we do in Canada?

    Our client Bonatti, international general contractor who supplies services to the energy industry, asked us to carry out the operational tests for its crawler tractor during the real work cycle “MISSION PROFILE”, with data analysis to fully optimise the use of mounted engines: N45 -125KW TIER4F of @fptindustrial     

    Besides the tests carried out on the machinery, there were also operative training courses held at different levels: the first was for local operators and team leaders. The second was more specific, aimed at workshop personnel with a more in-depth knowledge of the product. This significantly reduced problems and machine downtime for the clients and end users.     

    We are very proud of this new success, #avonisuccessfulstories, allowing us to meet two big targets. Firstly, offering our clients a low carbon emission engine, protecting and giving priority to the environment. Secondly, clients are offered a service on their equipment in any location, be it near or far. 


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