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The generator on movable trolley of Margen S.p.A.

    July, 2023.

    We come back to tell you about one of the many activities that we carry out in collaboration with our customers, a new #AVONIsuccessfulstories.
    For this time the protagonist is the company Margen S.p.A. of Maranello (MO) that just a few weeks ago celebrated its sixtieth anniversary and that has always operated in the energy sector, creating different solutions for both the production of electricity and thermal energy.

    The challenge was to motorize their generator set on a movable trolley, with one of our FPT Industrial N 67 Stage V engines, positioning the ATS System strategically vertically.
    The result is a product that is no longer static, as we are used to thinking of classic generators, but a tool suitable for itinerant maintenance that follows the operator in the various assistance activities.

    Thanks to Margen S.p.A. for choosing us and for giving us the opportunity to develop this new product together.

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