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    Carpaneto Piacentino, 17th January 2023.

    We start the new year with the first of many initiatives that we have planned for 2023 and that we have called #AVONImeets.

    What is it? #AVONImeets is a series of meetings, training and discussions organized at our customers headquarter about Stage V theme. The protagonists of these meetings are FPT Industrial engines that will be the common thread of all the topics we will talk about: technical training, telematics, assistance, warranty extension, spare parts, and everything that can help our customer’s work.

    The first stage, at Casella Macchine Agricole headquarters, ended with a double satisfaction: ours, for having had the opportunity to deal with the technicians, with the assistance team and with all people who come into contact with the engine during the production process and the second, is about our client, who showed great interest and participation.

    The first meeting was very gratifying also because it confirmed again that our work isn’t only the engine’s sale but revolves 360 ° around everything that can have connections with the engine part of the vehicle in which it is mounted, before, during and after the commissioning of it.

    A heartfelt thanks goes to Casella Macchine Agricole for the hospitality, to all the operators who were an active part of our meeting and last, but not least, to our trainer Roberto Paolozzi.